Thursday, 1 May 2008

Day 17 - May Day

It's May Day today - the only day of the year when you can take a sprig of the May [Hawthorn] into the house without incurring bad luck! However, it's not yet Beltane, so no fires, even though it's cold enough! This little drawing was made with Sakura Micron and Marvy pens. I think I should have used a brush and a watercolour effect for the background, but I couldn't be bothered searching for my water brush!

My doodle yesterday evening was again made while the crown on The Apprentice attempted to reinvent the greetings card! Does it show? Again, Sakura Micron and Marvy Le Plume pens.

I also made a computer doodle in the wee small hours when I couldn't sleep ...

Enjoy !

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