Sunday, 8 February 2009

Inchies and twinchies

Lynn [Glitter Monkey] lured me into a new challenge run by the Dutch Small World of Inchies blog - inchies and twinchies. As the name implies, inchies are 1" x 1", and twinchies 2" x 2". The theme is 'Pink' and my submission is an inchie on a twinchie!

Lacking in inspiration for something so small I decided to incorporate a sketch from Di Hickman's February challenge, and what a challenge it was! The most difficult part was finding things that were to the correct scale, and wouldn't swamp the tiny pieces of cardstock.

Thanks for looking,


  1. What a fantastic idea to do an Inchie ON a Twinchie babes - I LOVE it!! Lol Lynn x

  2. Wow this is fabulous.
    Great Inchie.

  3. Love the idea of combining the two - it's lovely. Oh yes and you are so right about being challenging - lol ...

  4. Wonderful twinchie. Well done.

  5. Very pretty, and very fun.

    Mine can be seen at my blog - whatdoyoumeanbyart

  6. That is so pretty Megan.
    Sue x