Thursday, 20 March 2008

Full of Folds - Virtual Crafting Challenge for March

I have always been fascinated by the sculptural elements created by folds, and although I had bought a couple of books on the subject I hadn't made any serious attempt to coopy or create such paper sculptures.

The Stamping Mad March Virtual Crafting Challenge provided just the right opportunity.

Here are some of the resulting paper/card sculptures.

Above: four simple curved folds in an A4 sheet of printer paper.

Above: two curved folds with a small section cut - hammered cardstock scrap.

Above: parallel equal folds with random horizontal cuts - thin cream cardstock

Above: angled folds with circular cuts - white cardstock

Above: angled folds and circular cut - white cardstock

Above: angled folds and circular cut - white hammered cardstock

Above: curved folds from centre point of a regular hexagon - white hammered cardstock

Above: vertical folds, horizontal cuts and random angled folds - pre-coloured linen cardstock.

Above: sheet of A4 printer paper folded into a solid facetted shape.
Based on a project by Paul Haeberli (1994)

There is a lot of beautiful curved fold papercrafting online by Richard Sweeney, and the late Dr David Huffman. Other articles on Origami Mathematics are also very useful for anyone who wants to have a go for themselves.

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  1. You have been busy, Looks like you have had fun to. Well done they look fab :)