Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 15

I was rather disobedient, and have not done as teacher decreed! Because today's date is always been a rather special one for me I swapped today's task with that for tomorrow.

The picture flaps down to reveal the following text:
The Battle of Britain, which lasted officially from July 10th until October 31st 1940, was the only battle to be staged in military warfare that was ever to be fought entirely in the air, even to this day. It was to turn the tide for the whole future of WWII. Had the Battle of Britain been lost, German forces would have invaded Great Britain and would then have had total domination of Northern Europe and possibly have succeeded in being a world power.

It also documents two significant deaths in air crashes that occured today - Colin Macrae, who was killed when his helicopter crashed, and Brian Brown, whose Hawker Hurricane crashed at Shoreham Air Show.

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