Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Day 2

Last night I scrawled the pen doodle while trying to answer questions on University Challenge, then spent the rest of the evening colouring it.

I thought I should experiment with different media, so this time I dug out my old chalk pastel pencils, as I wanted to try the paper stumps which arrived yesterday from Artifolk. At art college we always made our own, by tightly rolling cartridge paper, and I wondered if 'the real thing' was actually better.

Professional tortillions and stumps are larger, and firmer in the hand, than anything I ever made, but essentially they do the same job, and not really any more efficiently. However, they're so reasonably-priced that it's only worth bothering to make your own when bought ones aren't available.

I became so engrossed in the process of colouring that I almost forgot to stop! I was never very good at leaving white areas which add so much to a drawing or painting, and today's doodle is a good example of my shortcoming.

The cheapest way of setting the chalk is to use hair spray, spraying into the air, and moving the paper through the mist a few times. That avoids large blobs of hair spray from marring the finish.

While I was scanning the doodle, and uploading it here, the music to the Ray Stevens' song Gitarzan kept running through my head, and I realised that the doodle had reminded me of a guitar man, complete with fanciful top hat, and so I've named it accordingly!

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