Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Inspired first by Kevin King's fonts and artwork, then by the daily drawings of New York artist, Lynne Taetzsche, I decided to embark on a doodle a day.

Many years ago, while at art college, I could draw after a fashion, although I was never one of those natural artists whose work always rather demoralised me. Once I left I stopped drawing as I felt I would never be good enough.

I've been persuaded by forum friends to add my doodle-a-day to my blog, so here goes.

Day 1

The black pen is from the Sakura Micron set of five, with different-sized nibs, and the ink is permanent once dried. Colouring was with Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils. These are also permanent once wetted then dried, so layers of colour may be built up without disturbing lower layers. I'm using 200 gsm white cartridge paper which I know will stand up well to wetting/drying cycles.

... and if anyone sniggers .... !!!


  1. Why anyone would want to snigger at this is beyond me.
    I keep finding different things in it which catch the eye. Well done. Sue x

  2. Well you know how I feel about this. I am loving the doodles and the activity they have stirred up amongst us on the forum. Lol Lynn x