Thursday, 17 April 2008

Day 3

Last night's doodles were disappointing, possibly because I was very tired, but mainly because I forgot I was doodling, and tried creating - and it didn't work!

My first attempt was a landscape. Yes, I know it looks like a landscape, but I also know it's not a very good landscape! I was trying out my Stampin' Up marker pens, and while the colours are good for landscapes, I found them unforgiving - more likely I don't know how to use them properaly. Something to work on, though...

I was so disgusted at my attempted landscape, I wouldn't sign it! Instead, I picked up a set of Sakura Silver Shadow pens that I've had for a while but not used apart from signing the odd card.

Initially, I doodled a loose triangle of what became flower heads, then added stems, leaves, and basal leaves/roots. I decided to quit for the night, and tried to get to sleep, but I was kept awake by a mixture of irritation, and failure. This morning the landscape still looks awful, but the flowers don't seem quite so bad.

Ah well, back to the drawing board!

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